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Negotiable Instruments Act Section 138 which comes under the cheque bounce case clearly states that if an offence is committed then it can lead to criminal activity. However if you are facing a cheque bounce issue then you would be definitely requiring a cheque bounce lawyer in Navi Mumbai or any one available across Mumbai or the country and this is required for clients to serve a legal notice to the opposing party.

Bouncing of cheque is one of the criminal offences in India and this is being taken very seriously. There are cases when you can even file a civil suit in order to recover the cheque amount along with the cost the person owes including the interest amount.

The mandatory procedure a client needs to undergo the case of cheque bounce offence under the section 138 of the Act it needs to have the cheque drawn on an account which is maintained by a person who owes the money. The cheque should be presented within a period of three months. Usually, the reason of the cheque bounce is when there are insufficient funds in that person’s account or closes the account. We help our client by making a demand of the unpaid amount and recover the money as soon as possible. A maximum of 15 days is given to the person to provide with the mentioned amount by our client.

The processes to be followed in case of cheque bounce are,

  • Once the cheque is bounced, we make sure to understand the crux of the existing matter study the case and then file a complaint for the same within a period of 30 days making sure that our clients doesn’t have to bear the loss.
  • Our team of experts drafts a notice to the opposing party claiming the amount for which the cheque was bounced, and provide 15 days to settle the matter in a systematic manner possible
  • We make sure to have a mutual understanding and recover the money as much as possible within the span of 15 days.
  • However, if the opposition party fails to pay the money after the completion of 15 days or even ignores the notice then a legal complaint is filed against the person before the court and this process then needs to be done within a span of 30 days.

We value our clients’ needs and requirement and hence, we make sure that the client doesn’t have to pay for any of the loss and all the necessary legal requirements are filed within the given timeline that are strictly according to the rules and regulations of the Indian Judicial System.

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