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Consumer Disputes

Ever heard of the phrase “consumer is king”? This particular statement in every field is given the utmost importance. A consumer is the most powerful person when it comes to influencing and providing reviews for any product or service of a company. They are the motivators in terms of forcing production and at the same time they can also be responsible for the downfall of a company’s business or performance. Hence it is especially important to safeguard a consumer’s interest about a particular product or services. Many years ago, the government of India brought in the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 making it clear to businesses that the consumer is their biggest asset, and their rights need to be guarded safely. We have hired highly skilled professionals who make sure that the consumer is protected in every possible way. We help the customers put forth their views and opinions and also speak for their rights. The provisions under the consumer protection act are compensatory in nature. It covers for all be it corporate or private sectors, small or large business, and many more.

The areas where we extend our services is as follows: -

  • Helping our clients know their rights
  • Providing commentary on consumer protection act
  • Supreme court rules that are relevant to consumer protection act
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