Civil Law

Civil Lawyer in Navi Mumbai

Civil Lawyer

Civil matters are generally related to property or money. There are cases where there is extreme confusion in lack of documentation when clients are unaware about the owner of the assets, percentage of ownership and other complications which turns into huge disputes and that is what we are here for, to assist our clients in every possible way to get what they are rightfully owed.

Our team of highly skilled Advocates have deep knowledge and understanding of the process of law and ways to recover through such civil cases. We have a team of expert lawyers who handle civil cases of our clients, as we understand the importance of negotiating and in such cases, the need of a strong litigator is necessary.

The services our professional team of civil lawyers offer are as under: -

  • Civil injunctions that may include permanent or even Mandatory injunctions
  • There are several cases that serve as a declaration before the civil court
  • Cases where there are partitions or if the clients require recovery of their money invested or spent
  • Suit for recovering any sort of damage that has been caused
  • Civil defamation suits
  • Recovering any business-related suits be it supply chain, damages, or loss of goods
  • Filing a case against a breach of contract that arises through financial transactions be it a business or commercial transaction.
  • Our team also provides legal advice to those who seek such advice and for that we have experts available at our firm helping and making the whole process easy.

Civil law is vast, and it covers all aspects of business or corporate dealings, it is done via administration, by going through the policies and other legal decisions made by the company or firms. Only after thoroughly studying the company’s or firm’s legal procedure a plan is formulated to guide our clients through the whole process.

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