Family Law

Family lawyer in Navi Mumbai

Family Law

Our team of expert Advocates in family disputes provides premium services to the clients. We cater to all types of family law issues such as: -

  • Divorce
  • NRI Divorce
  • Restitution of Conjugal Rights
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Divorce by Mutual Consent
  • Maintenance / Alimony
  • Protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act, 2005
  • Appointment of guardian
  • Guardianship
  • Child Custody
  • Child Access
  • Section 498A cases
  • Anticipatory Bail
  • Section 125 CrPC

We understand the complexity of family disputes provide innovative, practical legal solutions and family court lawyers in Navi Mumbai in the best interest of our clients.

We also conduct negotiations between the clients and handle the matter in an orderly and peaceful manner.

Divorce & Matrimonial Laws

Divorce can be hard on everyone and anyone and hence, when our firm receives a case of divorce, we make sure that the services we provide lawyers for family matters should go beyond our client’s expectations.

Over the years, we have seen our clients seeking a settlement that suits both the parties without creating any dispute, and hence we work toward an outcome that works well both ways. Going through a divorce can be tough and challenging mentally as well as emotionally. Our team of expert Advocates ensures to assist and guide our clients through the whole process and we try to understand the client requirements and consult accordingly.

We guarantee confidentiality of the information shared by our clients with us. We believe in family court lawyers in Navi Mumbai empathising with the situation and help to relate with it as much as possible. We understand our clients rely on a team of professionals who provide family & divorce lawyer in Navi Mumbai them what they are looking for. Being one of the most reliable teams of divorce lawyers in Navi Mumbai, we are accessible to our clients as and when required without any hesitation.

The services we provide includes: -
  • 498A of IPC Proceedings: Wife is empowered to initiate proceedings under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 against her husband and/or his relative if she is subjected to mental and/or physical cruelty at her matrimonial home. In such cases the husband and his relatives are entitled to get Anticipatory Bail from the District & Session Courts.
  • Domestic Violence: Wife, Daughter, Mother, Sister can approach under provisions of Domestic Violence Act against any member of the family of shared household if they are treated in a cruel manner and not maintained. Generally wives approaches against their husband and in-laws, and the probable defence in such cases is that there is no domestic relationship between the parties.
  • Restitution of conjugal rights: When either of the spouses withdraws from the society of the other without any cogent reason, then such an aggrieved person can file a Petition in the Court seeking the relief of Restitution of his/her Conjugal rights against the other spouse seeking directions from the Court to rejoin the aggrieved person. The other side has only option to take defence that there is a cogent and valid reason to stay separately.
  • Annulment of Marriage: Annulment of Marriage is an order of Court declaring marriage Null and Void which means that there was no marriage at all and parties to the marriage get the tag of single/unmarried/ bachelor, etc. In annulment of marriage, there is no liability on either of the parties to pay maintenance. Such kind of order can be passed by the Court only when either of the party has cheated the other spouse; refuse to have sexual relation, is already married, has mental disorder, has not completed the age of majority, who gets attack of insanity, consent obtained by fraud, etc.,. For such order parties have to approach Court within a year from the date of discovery of fraud / fact.
  • Mediation and Counselling: We completely understand that the end of a marriage causes a lot of disturbance and stress, hence before going down that road, we always advise our clients to go through counselling and mediation if the matter can be resolved in a friendly manner. This is advised only once both the parties are heard, and their views are taken into consideration.
  • Maintenance: This is the most delicate topic in every divorce that passes through and hence, our team of Advocates take this seriously and make sure that our client gets the appropriate maintenance, if required. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has made it very simple by directing each party to produce an Affidavit of Assets so that no party would have to suffer unnecessarily.
  • Divorce under mutual consent: This is always a good option for couples and the best way to part ways on good terms. It takes a total of 6 months’ time to complete the procedure. An Application for waiving off the 6 months cooling period can also be filed if parties could establish that the marriage is irretrievably broken aere is urgency of divorce.
  • Seeking child custody: Child custody is a very delicate matter in the Indian Judicial System, as nobody wants any child to suffer and go through the traumatic experiences and hence, our team of divorce lawyers in Navi Mumbai and across Mumbai try to make this experience as peaceful and stress free as possible.
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