Divorce Law

Divorce Lawyer in Navi Mumbai

Divorce Lawyer in Navi Mumbai

Divorce can be hard on everyone and anyone and hence, when our firm receives a case of divorce, we make sure that the services we provide go beyond our customer’s expectation. Whenever a case like this comes to the company to make clients trust us we first provide them some information about the company such as the level of experience we have, since when are lawyers been practicing law, how competitive our team of experts are, do they listen and consider clients requirements and may more things like these. All these parameters make the client rely and share their information with us, because, in any case when you make such big decisions who always tend to consult someone whom you find reliable and professional enough to handle whatever your requirements are.

Over the years we have seen our clients seeking a settlement that suits both the parties without creating any dispute, and hence we work toward an outcome that works well both ways. Going through a divorce can be tough and challenging mentally as well as emotionally however, it does not have to be necessarily that way. Our team of experts ensure to assists and guide our clients through the whole process of it, we try to understand the client from both the sides and consult accordingly.

We guarantee our clients that the information they provide will be discreet and confidential. We believe in empathising with the situation and help to relate with it as much as possible. We understand our clients rely on a team of professionals who provide them what they are looking for. Being one of the most reliable divorce lawyers in Navi Mumbai or all over Mumbai we enable our clients to reach out to us as and when required without any hesitation.

The services we provide includes,

  • Criminal code proceedings

    Act 498A is charged when there is a complaint of being abused physically or any type of harm is caused be it dowry demands or any other thing.

  • Indemnity of conjugal rights

    This is mainly used under matrimonial law where either of the spouse can request to re-join the company of his/her partner

  • Annulment

    In order to file an annulment, you need to lodge a petition seeking the same. There could be several circumstances in which you can lodge a petition. A strong reason needs to be given in order to null and void the marriage.

  • Counselling and Mediation

    We completely understand that the end of a marriage can cause a lot of disturbance and stress, hence before going that road we always advice our client to go through counselling and mediation if the matter can be resolved in a friendly manner. This is advised only once e both the parties are heard, and their views are taken it consideration

  • Maintenance of the Divorce

    This is the most delicate topic in every divorce that passes through and hence, our team of experts take this seriously and make sure that our client if required maintenance gets it.

  • Divorce under mutual consent

    This is always a good option for couple and best way to part ways on good notes. It takes 6 months’ time to complete the procedure.

  • Seeking child custody

    Child custody is a very delicate matter in Indian judicial system, as we do not want any child suffering and going through the traumatic experience and hence, our team of divorce lawyers in Navi Mumbai and across Mumbai try to make this experience as peaceful and stress free as possible.

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